Free Range, Freedom to graze - Locally sourced milk from traditional family farms

Free Range Freedom to Graze

The basic principle of Free Range Milk is that the cows are outside enjoying the freedom to graze for 180 days a year.

Free Range Milk is defined by standards set out by the Free Range Dairy Network CIC, and is identified by the Pasture Promise logo.

There are numerous standards relating to the welfare and lifestyle of the cows, further information can be found at:

The Pasture Promise logo allows customers to make a more informed choice about the way their milk is produced.

The key benefits of Free Range Milk are:

  • High welfare and lifestyle of the cows.
  • Our Free Range Milk is sourced from selected traditional family farms within a 30 mile radius of our dairy, providing full traceability of where the milk has come from.
  • We return a reward payment to farmers for Free Range Milk in return for their commitment to the Pasture Promise standards. The Pasture Promise logo is a symbol of Fair Trade for consumers, cows and farmers.
  • Free Range Dairy Network CIC works in collaboration with farmers, milk buyers and consumers to help build a sustainable milk supply for generations to come.
  • In addition Free Range Milk producers are all members of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme.

How to purchase Free Range Milk

Free Range Milk is available from across the North of England, to find out your local supplier please e:Mail or call 01756 752296.




About Freedom to Graze


About Freedom to Graze

Free range milk cartons



Free Range Milk is available in Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed in glass pint bottles, 2 Litre, 1 Litre, Litre Cartons.